The Testing Process


Trendz Process Consulting provides complete suite of manual and automated functional testing services, delivered throughout the Software Development Life Cycle. We guarantee quality software and provide bug-free product compliance with all functional requirements.

he overall test process is based on the fact that a comprehensive test strategy is defined, documented and agreed with project stakeholders. The Test Strategy defines why the organization tests things, what is important to the organization (i.e. costs, quality, time, scope) and how, by whom and when testing should be carried out. The test process is referred to in the test strategy and adhered to during the test planning, test analysis and test design, test build and test execution sub-processes and the process steps required within each sub-process.

The following high level test processes aim to address the following questions:

  • Will be tested and why – Master Test Plan (and Test Plans) informed by input from the Test policy and/or Test Strategy
  • How it will be tested – Test Specification, Test design and Test build
  • When it will be tested – Test scheduling
  • Who it will be tested by – Test execution
  • What it has discovered – Test recording
  • When it will finish – checking for test completion

Using the V-Model

Regardless of the project management or systems lifecycle used, from a testing methodology perspective, ImpactQA uses the V-Model as the best practice during test analysis design and test execution. The diamonds in each diagram represent the deliverables/milestones produced at each stage e.g. the test plan, test specification, test design, test schedule, test scripts, test results etc.

Types of applications

Our test portfolio covers a wide range of applications across various domains. Our core expertise being:

  • Web applications, including enterprise Web
  • Desktop applications
  • Integrated Systems and applications
  • Mobile applications