IT Shared Services

If your organization has been operating at a Defined, Managed or the Performed Level and still the quantitative performance values do not match the expectation of business. And If your costs of sustaining good quality is not shifting towards expected limits, then its time you tried something DIFFERENT. Or as they say, try eliminating your 'Common Causes of Variation'.

Try Changing with IT Shared Services.

With IT Shared Services, common distributed IT functions are consolidated and delivered over a shared infrastructure to achieve better performance and service the enterprise with lower costs, higher service levels and greater responsiveness. An IT Shared Service Center is established as a distinct organization to provide a set of shared services to select business groups via a customer/supplier model. Service is defined by the needs of internal customers and delivered based on a market standard of excellence.

The Idea is to provide a Smart Office which you can DEPEND upon.

Trendz has embarked on IT Shared Services in the Process Consulting space and has been enabling clients in the following domains.


Enabling the Organization understand which Common Causes are crucial for the current performance limits. How these sub-processes are inter-related and impact the business goal & stakeholder value.

To understand elimination of Common Causes of Variation, a choice could be made for Innovation through Shared Services.

We answer your queries through a Workshop on Interpreting Shared Services for your Organization.

We answer the following Questions.
  • Why you should be considering Shared Services as an Option.
  • How will this Help you? And how would the transition be done.
  • What needs to Shared and What can be Self-Driven.
  • How would the Co-Existence be?
  • How long would it take?
  • How can i Measure that I have Changed for the Better?
Service Management

Businesses run on a success stories and success are created through a well defined business plan. Today, in the fast paced business world, your ability to manage technology services is the key to remain in business. The catch phrase remains, Cheapest, Fastest and Sustainable.

We enable you manage the services, vendors, transition knowledge and enable sustain the relationship. Our method leverages Your Model to enable your IT organization to consistently deliver services in a way that balances performance, quality and cost. This framework organizes people, processes and technology within the service management system based on Trendz Methodologies, industry best practices and global standards.

Write to us to get an exclusive blend of services which could help you reach the band of Business Excellence.

Quality Engineering

Your organization has created an impression attaining global benchmarks and have also sustained the standards. The team steering the process change have either moved on or has taken larger responsibilities in the organization, and the initiative is slowing down, delaying the schedules for raising the bar to the next level.

And if your management has these questions in their mind.
  • My senior management and key personnel are involved in a crucial business deal/ delivery, so the process change initiative will take a slower pace. What should we do?
  • We are unable to find appropriate candidates for taking up roles of a SEPG, EPG, Quality Lead. Those available are very expensive?
  • How do I reduce attrition of the Quality Steering Team?
  • I need to speed on attaining higher process efficiencies, but my experienced staff are quite busy. Do I have a choice?
We Have the Solution for your Problems.

We will operate your core process initiative teams as VIRTUAL EXTENSTION. Whether they are:

  • (Software) Engineering Process Group
  • Quality Assurance Team
  • Quality Control Team
  • Measurement and Analysis Teams for Quantitative Analysis
  • Training Team

Your worries of Attrition, Qualified Professionals, Delayed Schedules & Training are all taken care of through the SHARED SERVICES on QUALITY ENGINEERING.

Quality Control & Sustenance

Sustaining efficiency levels and compliance ratios are as important as attaining them. But, over the years we have observed that the focus of compliance instruments have diluted and the cost of administering them are higher. So, at many times the management does not get an independent assessment of process and product quality, and or Project Health.

Shared Services on Quality Control & Sustenance are specially designed keeping in view these bottlenecks.

Now you could have a REMOTE MONITORING on your Process and Product Quality.

We enable your organization for:
  • Process and Product Quality Audits
  • Configuration Functional and Physical Audits
  • Data Analysis and Reporting

Creation of Process Performance Limits & Quality Goals